• Ensure Your Hiring is not Gender Biased

    July 15th, 2014

    While the conditions of working women has improved by leaps and bounds in the last few decades, it is important to recognize that there is…

  • 5 Qualities to Target during Hiring

    June 26th, 2014

    Your Company is built on the strength of your employees therefore when you are starting your business, you need to hire the right kind of…

  • How to be a Disruptive Entrepreneur

    June 25th, 2014

    Every startup or small business begins with the desire to do something different; to shake up the industry with an idea that has not been…

  • Are you a Workaholic?

    June 11th, 2014

    As a Small Business owner whose business is constantly on your mind, it is extremely easy to become a workaholic. In this post, we will…

  • Evaluate the Performance of your Senior Employees

    May 21st, 2014

    Performance evaluation is crucial for effective management of your company. Employee evaluation helps in developing a healthy competitive attitude among the employees; it helps in…

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